Derry has 25 years of youth ministry experience in the local church. 23 years of that time was spent at one church, and 2.3 years at the other. He has experienced the joys of longevity and the power of diving in for a short assignment at a church in need of a transitional leader. He has also faced the challenges,  pains, and pitfalls that come with pouring his life into the next generation and those who invest in them. In recent years, his passion has shifted from ministering in the local church to investing in the ministers of local churches (primarily youth pastors) . He is excited to be devoting the 2nd half of his ministry life to coaching, consulting, and caring for starting, stuck, and struggling ministry leaders.

He married his college sweetheart in 2000. They have 4 kids – 1 in state adoption, 1 interstate adoption, 1 international adoption, and one biological. He is a Chicago Cubs and Indianapolis Colts fan, and loves all things Disney Parks.

I don’t claim to have it all figured out, but I do have a story of God’s faithfulness that has resulted in longevity in a ministry world that is marked by turnover, burnout and “moving up.” If you are up for listening to the story of an imperfect dude and some of his amazing friends he’s met along the way, you just might learn some things that could benefit your own ministry world and set you up to measure your ministry beyond months or years; but instead by decades!